Heute fängt es an: “75 Jahre 30. Januar 1933” - bis schliesslich zum kapitulativen Finale: “75 Jahre 8. Mai 1945“. In den nächsten 12 Jahren wird es viele traurige, bedenkliche oder bedingungslose Jahres- und Mahntage geben - und viele Reden, viele Titelgeschichten. Ab 9. November 2014 ergänzt dann “25 Jahre Fall der Berliner Mauer” die Geschichtsvergegenwärtigung.

Dann 13 Jahre Pause - und ab 30. Januar 2033 werden die hundertsten Jahrestage der Ereignisse in den dutzend Jahren des Dritten - oder auch tausendjährigen - Reiches begangen. 2039 ist der Beginn des Zweiten Weltkriegs 100 Jahre vergangen - die Berliner Mauer 50 Jahre überwunden.

2011, 2021, 2026, 2051 wird der 11. September die Schlagzeilen beherrschen - und die erste und fundamentale Zäsur des 21. Jahrhunderts kommt in die Jahre.

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    Understanding COSC Validation and Its Importance in Horology
    COSC Accreditation and its Rigorous Criteria
    Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres, or the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Agency, is the official Switzerland testing agency that certifies the accuracy and accuracy of wristwatches. COSC validation is a symbol of excellent craftsmanship and reliability in chronometry. Not all watch brands pursue COSC validation, such as Hublot, which instead sticks to its proprietary demanding criteria with mechanisms like the UNICO, reaching comparable accuracy.

    The Science of Precision Timekeeping
    The central system of a mechanical timepiece involves the spring, which delivers energy as it loosens. This mechanism, however, can be prone to external factors that may influence its accuracy. COSC-accredited mechanisms undergo strict testing—over 15 days in various conditions (5 positions, three temperatures)—to ensure their durability and reliability. The tests evaluate:

    Average daily rate precision between -4 and +6 seconds.
    Mean variation, highest variation rates, and impacts of temperature variations.
    Why COSC Certification Matters
    For timepiece fans and collectors, a COSC-accredited watch isn’t just a piece of technology but a demonstration to lasting quality and precision. It signifies a timepiece that:

    Presents outstanding reliability and accuracy.
    Ensures assurance of quality across the whole construction of the watch.
    Is apt to retain its value more effectively, making it a smart investment.
    Well-known Chronometer Brands
    Several renowned brands prioritize COSC certification for their timepieces, including Rolex, Omega, Breitling, and Longines, among others. Longines, for instance, offers collections like the Archive and Soul, which feature COSC-accredited movements equipped with innovative materials like silicone balance suspensions to boost resilience and performance.

    Historical Context and the Evolution of Chronometers
    The idea of the timepiece originates back to the requirement for precise chronometry for navigation at sea, emphasized by John Harrison’s work in the 18th cent. Since the official foundation of Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres in 1973, the validation has become a benchmark for assessing the precision of high-end watches, maintaining a legacy of superiority in watchmaking.

    Owning a COSC-validated watch is more than an aesthetic selection; it’s a commitment to quality and precision. For those valuing precision above all, the COSC validation offers peacefulness of mind, guaranteeing that each validated timepiece will operate reliably under various conditions. Whether for individual contentment or as an investment, COSC-validated watches stand out in the world of horology, maintaining on a tradition of precise timekeeping.

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    투자 계획과 레버리지 사용
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    레버리지 사용의 이점과 위험성
    레버리지 스탁은 상당한 이익을 보장하지만, 그만큼 상당한 위험도 따릅니다. 주식 시장의 변동은 추정이 어렵기 때문에, 레버리지 사용을 이용할 때는 항상 시장 동향을 면밀히 살펴보고, 손해를 최소화할 수 있는 방법을 마련해야 합니다.

    최종적으로: 조심스러운 고르기가 필요
    로드스탁을 통해 제공된 레버리지 방식의 스탁은 막강한 투자 수단이며, 잘 활용하면 많은 수입을 가져다줄 수 있습니다. 그러나 상당한 리스크도 신경 써야 하며, 투자 선택은 충분한 데이터와 세심한 생각 후에 이루어져야 합니다. 투자자 자신의 금융 상황, 리스크 감수 능력, 그리고 시장의 상황을 고려한 안정된 투자 계획이 중요합니다.

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    С каким намерением это необходимо?
    Прежде всего, для того чтобы обезопасить свои финансы от шарлатанов и похищенных денег. Многие инвесторы сталкиваются с риском убытков их фондов в результате мошеннических схем или кражей. Осмотр кошельков помогает выявить подозрительные операции и также предотвратить возможные потери.

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    Легализация доходов посредством цифровые валюты превращается все больше и больше распространенным в большей степени путем для того чтобы обеспечения анонимности. Используя различные техники, злоумышленники могут пытаться отмывать незаконно добытые фонды через сервисы обмена криптовалют или миксеры средств, для того чтобы осуществить процесс их происхождение менее прозрачным.

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    Каждый день все больше пользователей обращают внимание на безопасность собственных цифровых активов. День ото дня мошенники придумывают новые методы кражи криптовалютных активов, и держатели криптовалюты становятся жертвами своих обманов. Один из способов охраны становится проверка кошельков в наличие противозаконных финансов.

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